H4 Extra Life

Double filament forward lighting halogen lamps.
Extra Life: double the life of standard bulbs. Suitable for Daytime Runnung Light (DRL) use. Ensures safe driving during day and night.
They are also E1 marked - making their use on the EU roads possible.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
217744 93012336 TU 50440DPU H4 E1 12V 60/55WP43-T GE2MIH 55 1650 P43t
226310 93058120 TU 50440DPU BL H4 E1 12V 60/55W GE MIH 55 1650 P43t
73197 17462 TU@50440DPUE1 12V 60/55WP43-T ELGE2 MIH 60 1650 P43t
73253 19682 TU 50440DPU E1 12V 60/55W EXL GE BL2 MIH 60 1650 P43t
149029 95396 TU 50440DPU H4 E1 12V 60/55WP43-T GE MIH 60 1650 P43t