H4 Megalight Ultra +120

Double filament forward lighting halogen lamps.
Megalight Ultra : provide up to 120% more light* on the road, improved visibility, safer driving.
(*Extent of area illuminated more than 12 lux)
They are also E1 marked - making their use on the EU roads possible.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
99557 98714 TU 50440SNU H4 MU120 MOTO E1 12V 60/55GE 60 1650 P43t
110336 525666 TU 50440SNU H4 MU120 E1 12V 60/55TU TWDP 60 1650 P43t
110337 98281 TU 50440SNU H4 MU120 E1 12V 60/55 GE BL2 60 1650 P43t
110338 98241 TU 50440SNU H4 MU120 E1 12V 60/55GE TWDP 60 1650 P43t