H4 Megalight Ultra +90

Double filament forward lighting halogen lamps.
Megalight Ultra : provide up to 90% more light* on the road, improved visibility, safer driving.
(*Extent of area illuminated more than 12 lux)
They are also E1 marked - making their use on the EU roads possible.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
217746 93013070 TU 50440SXU H4 MEGALULTRA SV 12V GE2 MIH 55 1650 P43t
72407 522337 TU 50440SXU H4 MEGALULTRA SV 12V TU2 MIH 60 1650 P43t
73152 74153 TU 50440SXU H4 MEGAL ULTRA SV 12V GEBL2 60 1650 P43t