H7 Sportlight

Single filament forward lighting halogen lamps.
Sportlight: provide up to 50% more light* on the road , intense blue-white light.
(*weighted sum of illuminance of most relevant points for night vision).
They are also E1 marked - making their use on the EU roads possible


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
72650 97131 TU 58520SPU H7 E1 12V 55W GE BL2 MIH 55 1500 PX26d
74103 522327 TU 58320NHSU SPORT H7 E1 12V 55W TU2 MIH 55 1500 PX26d
99559 98717 TU 58520SPU SPORTLS MOTO E1 H7 12V GE 55 1500 PX26d
217763 93013293 TU 58520SPU SPORTL SILVER H7 12V GE2 MIH 55 1500 PX26d