Stick T3 Mini Economy - 7,000 hours

Stick T3 Mini Eco 7000 hours lamps offer low energy consumption in a compact size, along with additional benefits such as instant light-on and fast warmup. Stick shaped lamps provide an energy saving alternative for almost all applications where incandescent bulbs are currently used ensuring excellent light quality and reliable energy savings.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
188896 14101 OT FLE11DBX/T3/827/E27 GE BL 3/18 7Y/01 11 600 E27
158577 528171 OT FLE20TBX/T3/827/E27 230V 1/10 7Y/01 20 1152 E27
188907 34133 OT FLE20TBX/T3/827/E27 GE BL 3/18 7Y/01 20 1152 E27