2D™ Watt-Miser™

Biax™ 2D™ compact fluorescent lamps have been available for many years but GE is introducing the next generation of lamps under the name of 2D™ Watt-Miser™. These are available in 16, 21, 28 and 38 Watt in a wide choice of colour temperatures, these lamps are a direct replacement to existing 2D fixtures delivering the same life of 15,000 hours in case of 28 and 38 Watt but additional energy saving performance, 2D™ Watt-Miser™ lamps give similar lumen as the lamps they are replacing but up to 12% energy saving dependent upon ballast and wattage. Saving energy cost: 16W lamp runs on 14W*, 21W lamp runs on 19W*, 28W lamp runs on 24W* and 38W runs on 34W*. In response to the demand from the market for a higher light output version of the 2D™ lamp, GE offers the 55W using the T5 28W/38W envelope size. The high luminous efficacy has been retained in the 55W by incorporating an amalgam which overcomes the fall in efficacy that occurs with increased lamp loading. The 55W lamp has a cap with dedicated key. The cap material withstands the higher temperatures generated by the increased lamp power while the modified holder key for the 55W 2D™ will prevent accidental insertion of any lower rated 2D™ lamp into a 55W socket. The T5 size (14% smaller overall diameter) will allow luminaire manufacturers to design new fittings with improved optical control in addition to the well-known uniformity of light of the Biax™ 2D™ concept.
(*When used with electronic ballast)


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
72419 41752 F16 2D/827/4P OEMN 16 1100 GR10q
72421 41754 F16 2D/835/4P OEMN 16 1100 GR10q
72955 45440 F16 2D/830/2P GE OEM102PK 16 1100 GR8
73109 41765 F16W2D/830/4P GE OEM102PK 16 1100 GR10q
73362 41791 F16 2D/840/4P OEM102PK WM 16 1100 GR10q
73457 41753 F16 2D/835/2P OEMN 16 1100 GR8
73663 41751 F16 2D/827/2P OEMN 16 1100 GR8
72512 10532 F282DT5/835/2P OEM56PK WM 28 2150 GR8
72916 10529 F282DT5/827/4P OEM56PK 28 2150 GR10q
73487 10534 F282DT5/835/4P OEM56PK WM 28 2150 GR10q
73886 21526 F282DT5/830/4P GE OEM56PK 28 2150 GR10q
74138 45436 F282DT5/840/2P GE OEM56PK WM 28 2150 GR8
72776 78333 F382D/T5/835/4P LEG OEM48 WM 38 3020 GR10q
73242 10544 F382DT5/835/4P OEM56PK 38 3020 GR10q
73875 10538 F382DT5/827/4P OEM56PK 38 3020 GR10q