Biax™ Q/E LongLast™ 4-pin

The BiaxTM Q/E, is a high output compact fluorescent lamp designed to fulfill customers’ demand for higher lumen packages. The ultra compact energy saving Biax™ Q/E lamps with amalgam technology extend the application space of the innovative quadruple tube design. They can be used both in enclosed luminaires and outdoor applications without significant light loss. Amalgam technology makes the Biax™ Q/E lamps suitable for use in any burning position with the same light output. The Biax™ Q/E lamps with a 4-pin electrical connection and without an internal starter are designed for high-frequency electronic ballasts.

Quadruple biaxial tubes


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
289866 93105990 F57W QBX/T4/830/A/4P TU 57 4300 GX24q-5
289869 93105988 F57W QBX/T4/840/A/4P TU 57 4300 GX24q-5
289872 93105991 F70W QBX/T4/830/A/4P TU 70 5200 GX24q-6
289874 93105993 F70W QBX/T4/840/A/4P TU 70 5200 GX24q-6