Low voltage capsule - Transversal Filament

These lamps are made from a quartz material which blocks virtually all UV-B and UV-C radiation. With a transmission cut-off wavelength of between 350 and 400 nm, it is ideal for lamps requiring maximum visible transmittance with nearly complete UV protection. The lamps use doped quartz which is an effective barrier to potentially harmful ultra-violet radiation while maintaining the other high quality properties of standard clear fused quartz.
The axial filament types have been specifically developed to satisfy the demand for a wide smooth beam with a good cut-off, from a miniature linear reflector, for the uniform lighting of vertical surfaces, for table lamps for task lighting, or for wall mounted or portable uplighters. With all wattages having the axial filament at the same light centre, one luminaire design may cover a range of illuminances for a variety of residential and commercial requirements. When used in spot reflectors these lamps may also be more efficient alternatives to transverse filament types, because a substantial portion of the filament will always be in the focal point.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
74210 42959 TU*M9/H H5/12V/TR/CL G4 GE BX 1/20 MIH 5 60 G4
72444 509501 TU 58600 10W 12V G4 2000HR TU BX 1/20MIH 10 145 G4
72998 34674 TU*M11/H H10/12V/TR/CL G4 GE BX 1/20 MIH 10 145 G4
73019 509447 TU 56540 TU 35W GY6,35TR TU BX 1/20 MIH 35 600 GY6.35-15
73514 34708 TU*M95/H Q35/12V/TR/CL GY6,35 GE BX 1/20 35 600 GY6.35-15
72534 34702 TU*M32/H Q50/12V/TR/CL GY6,35 GE BX 1/20 50 1200 GY6.35-15
73880 509444 TU 56500 50W 12V GY6,35 TR TU BX1/20 MIH 50 1200 GY6.35-15
217714 97298 TU M32 12V 50W GY6.35 BULK 1/60/720 50 1200 GY6.35-15
73864 34682 TU M313/H Q75/12V/TR/CL GY6,35 GE BX1/20 75 1400 GY6.35-15
73516 509445 TU 56510 100W 12V GY6,35TR TU BX1/20 MIH 100 2350 GY6.35-15
73698 34676 TU 56510 Q100/12V/TR/CL GY6,35 GE BX1/20 100 2350 GY6.35-15
74038 34663 TU*M67/H Q100/24V/TR/CL GY6,35 GEBX1/20 100 2000 GY6.35-15