• 509501

  • @TU 58600 10W 12V G4 2000HR TU BX 1/20MIH

Product data

14 lumens/watt
Nominal efficacy
11 kWh / 1000h
Weighted energy consumption
Product Code 509501
Bulb Shape Tubular
Bulb Diameter [mm] 9
Maximum Overall Length [mm] 33
Net weight per piece [g] 12
Gross weight per piece [g] 14
Brand Tungsram
Cap/Base G4

Performance data

Rated Lumens [lm] 145
Weighted energy consumption [kWh/1000h] 10.6
Rated efficacy [lm/W] 14
Lamp Lumen Maintenance factor (2000 hours) 80%
Rated Life [h] 2000
Nominal correlated colour temperature (CCT) [K]] 2800
Nominal lumens [lm] 145
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) [Ra] 100

Electrical data

Rated power [W] 10.0
Starting time (sec) 0.0 s
Warm up time up to 60% of full light output instant
Number of switching cycles 8000
Coil type C-6
Dimming Capability Yes
Nominal power [W] 10
Nominal lamp voltage [V] 12

Logistic data

Shipment Standard
DUN Code 05994100095019
EAN Code 5994100095019
Pack Quantity 20
Inner pack type BX
Outer pack type OB
Layer quantity 6400 EUR, 8400 UK
Layer quantity EUR 6400
Layer quantity UK 8400
Pallet quantity EUR (PC) 32000
Pallet quantity UK (PC) 42000
Outer case size 131 x 90 x 40 (mm)
Product status Phased-out
Product code Description
Photometry Accessory applied Download