Halogen Linear IR

Housing in a clear quartz bulb, these halogen floodlighting lamps have a ceramic one-pin cap on each end and can be operated on 230V or 240V mains.
Halogen-IR™ technology
In standard incandescent and halogen lamps approximately 76% of the input energy is lost as heat radiation, whilst only 8% is converted to useful light (the rest is lost in the area of the filament).The Halogen-IR™ thin film, consisting of multiple layers of very durable, thin, interference films, reflects much of the heat back onto the lamp filament, while allowing the visible light to pass through. This increases the filament temperature which allows it to give off more visible light for the same input power. This increase in efficacy can be used to reduce the required energy input for the same light output, to increase the life of the lamp, or a combination of both.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
72787 19749 TU@K1/HIR 375W 230V R7S GE SBL 1/10 MIH 375 9400 R7s