MR16 Precise™ Alutech™

Aluminised Precise™ Alutech™ MR16 lamps are extra low voltage tungsten halogen reflector-mounted lamps popular for downlighting and accent lighting applications because of their small size, precise beam control, high efficacy and excellent white light. Their aluminised mirror directs both visible and infrared components of emitted light forward preventing the overheating of lampholders and transformers behind them. An Aluminised Precise™ Alutech™ MR16 lamp comprises a small halogen low voltage filament capsule produced with UV control quartz permanently cemented into a one-piece, aluminium coated all glass reflector. The reflector design produces a precise beam pattern with excellent uniformity and sharp beam cut-off. The reflector is ellipsoidal in shape. The filament is precisely aligned along the optical axis of the reflector during the manufacturing process to achieve the required beam pattern. These lamps incorporate an integral clear cover glass to ensure that both bulb and reflector are protected from dust and dirt during installation and operation. The cover glass effectively eliminates UV-C radiation and greatly reduces UV-B radiation. The use of the Cover Glass together with specially developed UV control quartz material for the capsule results in almost no UV-B or UV-C radiation.


Product code Description Wattage
Base Nominal beam angle [°]
73828 88215 OT M258/EXN/CG/AL 50W 12V GE BX1/10 MIC 50 GU5.3 36