MR16 Start - Open

MR16 Start lamps are low voltage tungsten halogen reflector-mounted lamps popular for downlighting and accent lighting applications because of their small size, precise beam control, high efficacy, excellent white light and cool beam characteristics. The cover glass effectively eliminates UV-C radiation and greatly reduces UV-B radiation. The closed versions use the same reflectors as the open versions – and hence have the same dimensions, allowing users to interchange lamps at will.


Product code Description Wattage
Base Nominal beam angle [°]
73303 38000 OT M69/BAB/EC 20W 12V GE BX 1/20 MIC 20 GU5.3 36
72755 38001 OT M81/FMW/EC 35W 12V GE BX 1/20 MIC 35 GU5.3 36
73609 38002 OT M58/EXN/EC 50W 12V GE BX 1/20 MIC 50 GU5.3 36