CerMH Elliptical Diffuse

CerMH lamps combine the HPS technology (providing stability, efficiency & uniformity) and the Metal Halide Technology (bright white quality light) to produce highly efficient light sources with good colour rendering and consistent colour performance through life. This is achieved by using the ceramic arc tube material from the Tulox lamp, which minimises the chemical changes inside the lamp through life. When combined with the halide doses used in ARC Metal Halide lamps then the quality and stability of the dose maintains the colour consistency.

Metal halide lamps, traditionally made with quartz arc tubes, are prone to colour shift through life and lamp-tolamp colour variation. Some of the dose, e.g. sodium, (an important component of metal halide lamps), can migrate through quartz to cause colour shift and loss of light through life. The ceramic arc tube resists this material loss, can be manufactured to tighter tolerances and withstands a higher temperature to provide a more constant colour.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
357371 93102160 CMH250/E/UVC/U/830/E40/D TU 250 23800 E40