CerMH Single Ended Mini

Tungsram's low watt CerMH lamps have opened new possibilities for lighting design, combining the power and light quality of far larger and less efficient lamps. It is now possible to achieve lighting design that could not be achieved previously with inferior technologies.

Tungsram's new CerMH Premium technology platform has been developed with specific focus to retail applications. This technology offers superb overall light quality, outstanding lumen maintenance, improved efficacy, whihle maintaining long life and reliability. These qualities are why Tungsram is the leader in ceramic metal halide technology.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
357444 93095263 CMH20/TC/UVC/U/830/G8.5 PLUS TU 20 1600 G8.5
357289 93095368 CMH35/TC/UVC/U/930/G8.5 PRECISE™TU 35 4100 G8.5
357462 93095264 CMH35/TC/UVC/U/830/G8.5 PLUS TU 35 3500 G8.5
357467 93095366 CMH35/TC/UVC/U/942/G8.5 TU 35 3400 G8.5
357495 93095367 CMH70/TC/UVC/U/942/G8.5 TU 70 6400 G8.5
357530 93095369 CMH70/TC/UVC/U/930/G8.5 PRECISE™TU 70 7900 G8.5
357573 93095265 CMH70/TC/UVC/U/830/G8.5 PLUS TU 70 7200 G8.5