CerMH Tubular Clear StreetWise

Until now, public authorities and other organisations have had to choose between high cost, high quality outdoor illumination or low cost alternatives which, even at peak efficiency, make streets and other areas look dingy or dull.

Tungsram’s new generation of CerMH StreetWise lamps especially designed for outdoor lighting offers the best of both worlds. Bright, white, ‘natural’ light and low costs for both running and maintenance.

With CerMH lighting, streets and other public spaces can feel safer for pedestrians. More than that, their “daylight” colour rendering improves the ability of drivers to recognise shapes and colours, especially in peripheral vision. This also promotes quicker driver response times.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
357267 93102245 CMH50/TT/UVC/U/730/E27 STREETWISE TU 50 5500 E27
357626 93102211 CMH70/TT/UVC/U/730/E27 STREETWISE TU 70 7300 E27
357641 93102210 CMH100/TT/UVC/U/730/E40 STREETWISE TU 100 10500 E40
357636 93102212 CMH150/TT/UVC/U/730/E40 STREETWISE TU 150 16300 E40