Lucalox™ Start - Tubular Clear

From GE’s invention of HPS lighting in 1965 to today’s advanced sources, GE Lucalox™ High Pressure Sodium lamps have led the way in quality and innovation. GE’s exclusive amalgam reservoir design works to increase life expectancy and improve lumen maintenance. With efficiencies approaching 130 lumens per watt, GE Lucalox™ Standard lamps are the most efficient light source available with acceptable colour rendering. High efficiency results in lower operating costs and thus a lower electricity bill. Most Lucalox™ lamps have an average rated life of up to 28,500 hours. Long life means lower replacement and maintenance costs.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
73879 96810 §LU250/T/40 GE START 1/12 MIC 250 28000 E40
73795 96813 §LU400/T/40 GE START 1/12 MIC 400 48000 E40