Tulox XO Superlife Tubular Clear

Tulox XO Superlife lamps comprise a sodium discharge system operating at a high pressure within a ceramic arc tube which is mounted in an outer glass bulb. These lamps offer outstanding luminous efficacy, lumen maintenance thus reducing energy and maintenance costs. All lamps have two arc tubes. The second arc tube will instantly light after a momentary power interruption. Arc tubes are Monolithic construction for 50-400W lamps.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
357326 93102223 LU70/90/XO/SBY/T/E27 TU 70 6600 E27
357367 93102221 LU100/100/XO/SBY/T/E40 TU 100 10200 E40
357607 93102213 LU150/100/XO/SBY/T/E40 TU 150 17500 E40
357317 93102214 LU250/XO/SBY/T/E40 TU 250 33000 E40
357336 93102215 LU400/XO/SBY/T/E40 TU 400 55800 E40