Arcstream™ Double Ended UVC

High brightness, high quality white and coloured light with good colour rendition, excellent colour consistency and energy efficiency make these lamps suitable for retail environments and commercial interiors. Lamps with UVC feature are optimal for museum and retail environments where UV control is important.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
357404 93102183 ARC70/TD/UVC/730/RX7s TU 70 5500 Rx7s
357759 93102185 ARC70/TD/UVC/742/RX7s TU 70 5500 Rx7s
357375 93102182 ARC150/TD/UVC/732/RX7s-24 TU 150 12000 Rx7s
357755 93102184 ARC150/TD/UVC/742/RX7s-24 TU 150 12000 Rx7s