• 93483

  • TU@40TC1/CL/B22 BE 240V GE BL2/12 MIH

Product data

10 lumens/watt
Nominal efficacy
Product Code 93483
Bulb Shape Twisted Candle
Bulb Finish Clear
Bulb Diameter [mm] 35
Regulatory comment Product only available outside the EU.
Nominal Length [mm] 92.5
Net weight per piece [g] 15
Gross weight per piece [g] 50
Brand GE Lighting
Cap/Base B22d

Performance data

Rated efficacy [lm/W] 10
Rated Life [h] 1000
Nominal lumens [lm] 400

Electrical data

Dimming Capability Yes
Nominal power [W] 40
Nominal lamp voltage [V] 240

Logistic data

DUN Code 20043168934835
EAN Code 0043168382489
Pack Quantity 12
Layer quantity 324 EUR, 420 UK
Layer quantity EUR 324
Layer quantity UK 420
Pallet quantity EUR (PC) 2916
Pallet quantity UK (PC) 3780
Outer case size 246 x 131 x 112 (mm)
Product status Phased-out
Product code Description
Photometry Accessory applied Download