Standard GLS - Frosted/Soft (INC)

GE incandescent lamps trace their ancestry to the world´s first practical electric bulb, invented by Thomas Alva Edison, founder of General Electric Company, in 1879.

Available in all shapes and sizes, they offer particular qualities of light to suit specific applications.

From March 2009 a new regulation has been adopted in all EU countries. Inefficient non-directional lamps will be phased ut gradually from the EU market starting from september 2009. Please click on the individual product to find out whether it is already phased out and can be sold outside of the EU only.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
72125 19952 TU&40A1/F/E27 240V GE A50 BX1/10/120MIH 40 410 E27
72126 19954 TU&60A1/F/E27 240V GE A50 BX1/10/120MIH 60 700 E27
72308 516425 TU&60A1/F/E27 240V TU A50 BX1/10/120MIH 60 700 E27
72286 17944 TU&75A1/F/E27 230V GE A50 BX1/10/120MIH 75 940 E27
72309 516426 TU&75A1/F/E27 240V TU A50 BX1/10/120MIH 75 930 E27