2D 16W magnetic retrofit

GE’s LED 2D lamp offers safe, reliable and affordable energy saving alternative to CFL 2D lamps used in bulkhead fixtures. GE’s new LED 2D lamps can offer direct retrofit replacement for 16W 2Pin 2D lamps operated on Magnetic ballast, 28W 4Pin 2D lamps operated on Magnetic and Electronic ballast (separate designs).

This replacement can be completed simply without tools or costly upgrade and the robust middle part will ensure easy handle during installation. The upgraded fixture will deliver huge energy saving and reduced operating cost driven by the increased life and the classic 2D shape with great light distribution will ensure satisfaction for end-users.


Product code CCT [K] Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base Nominal beam angle [°]
217791 93039469 2700 6.5 750 GR8 120x130
217797 93039470 3000 6.5 770 GR8 120x130
217800 93039471 3500 6.5 800 GR8 120x130
217803 93039475 4000 6.5 830 GR8 120x130