LED HID lamp offers safe, reliable and affordable energy saving alternative to HID lamps used in outdoor and industrial applications. This 80W LED HID lamp can offer retrofit replacement for high watt E40 HID lamp installations, such as up to 150W High Pressure Sodium (HPS), 100W and 150W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), 175W and 250W Quartz Metal Halide (QMH) and 250W and 400W Mercury lamps.

This replacement can be completed simply without costly upgrade. The robust lamp design with E40 base ensures retrofitting and easy handle during installation. The upgraded fixture will deliver up to 80% energy saving and reduced operating cost driven by the increased life.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base Nominal beam angle [°]
365856 93105827 LED 80W/HID/750/E40 TU 80 12000 E40 360
365858 93105826 LED 80W/HID/740/E40 TU 80 12000 E40 360
369041 93116942 LED 80W/HID/750/E40 TU DS 80 12000 E40 360
369042 93116941 LED 80W/HID/740/E40 TU DS 80 12000 E40 360