TU-D 18/26W AC retrofit

LED 2D lamp offers safe, reliable and affordable energy saving alternative to CFL 2D lamps used in bulkhead fixtures. LED 2D lamps provide replacement solution for 16W and 28W fluorescent 2D lamps, either as a direct retrofit replacement on magnetic ballast (CCG types) or electronic ballast (ECG types), or as rewire replacement operating directly on AC mains.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
406327 93117376 LED 2D2P 6.5W/835/GR8/220-240 TU BX1/10 6.5 800 GR8
406334 93117379 LED 2D2P 6.5W/840/GR8/220-240 TU BX1/10 6.5 830 GR8
406336 93117377 LED 2D4P 12.5W/835GR10q/220-240TU BX1/10 12.5 1500 GR10q
406338 93117378 LED 2D4P 12.5W/840GR10q/220-240TU BX1/10 12.5 1550 GR10q