Airfield Lighting

GE Airfield Lamp Products are a very important element of your total airfield lighting system. These high quality, high reliability lamps are designed to get the highest performance from your lighting equipment. In conjunction with FAA and ICAO approved fixtures and constant current power supply systems, GE Airfield lamps constitute your front line of defence against unnecessary outages and high maintenance


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
331503 93106462 AF6/2 6.6A 45W 45 760 PG22-6.35
331501 93106461 AF6/5T 6.6A 100W 100 2100 PG22-6.35
331499 93106460 AF7/2 6.6A 200W 200 4800 PG22-6.35
331640 93106532 IM/ T7BP 1000 28000 G38