T8covRguard™ Polylux XLR™

Imagine the dangers caused by a broken tube in food preparation areas or interiors with public access. Shards of glass could cause damage or injury – and even expose your business to litigation. Why take risks?
covRguard™ protects both employees and the public, and helps managers comply with legislation and due diligence requirements. It comprises a protective outer sleeve that’s fitted to our T5* and T8 linear fluorescent lamps, containing glass and phosphors in the event of breakage. covRguard™ is UV stable and will not affect lumen output in normal usage.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
74789 17204 TU@F18W/T8/835 CVG POLYLUX XLR BULK 25 18 1310 G13
74896 17202 TU@F36W/T8/835 CVG POLYLUX XLR BULK 25 36 3250 G13