The Interlight LED lighting system of the Tungsram Agritech series has been designed as a supplementary light source in greenhouses to light the lower, shadowed parts of the canopy. These well-placed Interlight modules enable growers to significantly reduce the growing cycle of their crops, increase the yields, ultimately improving the taste and nutritional value of vegetables by supplying the plants’ entire surface efficiently with proper amount of light. Tungsram linear LED Lighting systems use high power horticultural LEDs, which deliver light output in a range from 130 to 232 μmol/s per module with efficacy up to 3.16 μmol/J providing the optimized spectrum for crops to grow prosperously all year round. The mix of red and blue LEDs of our Interlight solutions follow a standard recipe for the growth stimulation of several crop types such as tomatoes and cucumbers, however we can flexibly tailor the LED selection to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Light output [PPF μmol/s]
361403 TBD TUAS GINT 1500 0015008500 C FX ST 43
361412 TBD TUAS GINT 2550 0015008500 C FX ST 74