Toplight Linear

The LED Greenhouse Linear Toplight double module lamp of the Tungsram Agritech Series has been designed as a replacement for traditional 1000W High Pressure Sodium lamps. It offers comparable light level up to 1820 μmol/s, while it has an improved efficacy of 3.05 μmol/J and uses 40% less energy. Our standard Toplight module contains a specific mix of wavelengths providing the optimized spectrum for many crops to grow efficiently, however we can flexibly tailor the LED selection to meet the need for specific plants. The passive cooling system, similarity of mounting and cabeling options with HPS make Tungsram Toplight module the ideal choice for a LED based solution or a hybrid LED/HPS lighting system for existing or newly constructed greenhouses.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Light output [PPF μmol/s]
361367 93110539 TUAS GLIN 1M 0035006500 L5 FX ST 175
361376 93110540 TUAS GLIN 1M 0035006500 C1 DL ST 175
361385 93114817 TUAS GLIN 1H 0010009000 C1 FX ST 300
361394 TBD TUAS GLIN 2H 0010009000 C1 FX ST 600