Toplight Research

When selecting the right LED system for a specific crop, one must first consider the desired growth spectrum and the amount of PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density). The new Research fixture of the Tungsram Agritech Series allows users to experiment with different mix of wavelengths and light intensity to define and finetune the most optimal light spectrum for given phenophases of all kinds of plants to achieve the targeted quantity and quality of primary and secondary metabolites. Our two research modules are equipped with standard compositions of LEDs - one module with 12% blue, 5% green, 75% red, 8% far red and the other module with 18% blue, 7% green, 64% red, 11% far red - but the mix can also be predefined by customers, to achieve the most versatile spectra in the given research environment.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Light output [PPF μmol/s]
361349 93113506 TUAS GTR  1V 0012057508 C1 DV ST 190
361358 TBD TUAS GTR  2V 0012057508 C1 DV ST 443