Vertical Farm Lightbars

The Tungsram LED VF lightbar is a very flexible and highly efficient solution specifically designed for indoor multilayer growing facilities. This light-weight modular system can be customized in length, light output and color spectra to meet the needs of the different crops and thus ensure the best harvest results. Our lightbars produce no heat and give great uniformity even when placed in a short distance from the plants.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Light output [PPF μmol/s]
361421 TBD TUAS VFS 1200 F ST 34
361439 TBD TUAS VFP 1200 D ST 34
361430 TBD TUAS VFS 1200 F HO 50
361448 TBD TUAS VFP 1200 D HO 50
361457 TBD TUAS VFR 1200 6-channel ST 71