Emergency Converter Kit

This emergency lighting unit is a conversion kit remote box for operating GE/TUNGSRAM LED luminaires in emergency mode. The conversion kit is suitable for converting existing light fittings to emergency operation. The Emergency Converter Kit provides a sensible solution when fitting dedicated emergency luminaries is not possible. Supports a variety of LED light sources offering standard, self-test and DALI self-test. Compact polycarbonate case containing electronics and bat¬tery for external installation outside the luminaire for usage in protection class II luminaires (L 292 x W 81 x H 41 mm).


Product code Description Wattage [W] Lumen [lm] Downloads
277763 93100237 Emergency Kit G1 TU 3 Li N 3 1
277773 93100238 Emergency Kit G1 TU 3 Li S 3 1
277783 93100239 Emergency Kit G1 TU 3 Li D 3 1