Luminaire suitable for use in damp environments, with an enclosed and filtered optical assembly, for discharge lamps up to 1000W. Particularly suitable for industrial lighting applications, including environments with a high level of dust and fumes; mounting height over 5 metres.

Structures and materials
Ballast housing
Available in two sizes: AG5 up to 1000W and AP5 up to 400W. Diecast aluminium ballast housing, with grey polyester powder paint finish applied electrostatically . The sliding disconnector guarantees a simple and safe electrical and mechanical connection to the optical assembly. Protected against accidental contact, the connection system also facilitates maintenance operations.

Optical assembly - FG17 & FG22
The die-cast conical cover houses the E40 porcelain lamp socket. Available in 11 different socket positions, which can be easily changed on site with an ordinary screwdriver due to a die-cast inner spiral. The lamp socket is fitted with an anti-vibration device.

The borosilicate glass top cone directs some light towards the upper hemisphere, providing a comfortable visual environment, lighting the ceilings and reducing the contrast between the luminaire and the surrounding environment.

The faceted reflector reduces the glare of the lamp and it is available in two sizes: FG-17 for luminaires up to 400W and FG-22 up to 1000W. The tempered glass door is resistant to thermal and mechanical stress. Fixed in a metal ring with a silicone gasket, it is fitted with a hinge and stainless steel latches, which ensure easy removal.

Lamp holder
Porcelain E40 version.

Electrical and gear compartment
Magnetic ballast 230V 50Hz low-loss.

Easy to replace light source by removing diffuser.

Hooks and mounting receptacles are available. IP65 hook is orderable as accessories.

Luminaire is supplied without lamp.