CMH Adjustable Scoop Downlight Range 1

The GE CMH Adjustable Scoop Downlights are designed for the compact CMH light source and provide an effective solution for any retail and commercial application.

GE CMH Adjustable Scoop Downlights are a range of high-quality luminaires designed to reduce lighting costs without compromise to the visual quality of indoor environments.

CMH is firmly established as the market-leading lighting technology across a whole range of applications and for good reason.
More affordable than LED, CMH solutions deliver exceptional colour rendition and lumen maintenance throughout the life of the lamp. This consistency of performance over a long service life – together with excellent energy efficiency – means a low total cost of ownership.

The GE CMH Downlight range includes adjustable gimbals, adjustable scoops and a choice of fixed downlights.
  • Superb colour rendition and stability
  • Reliability, efficiency and longevity
  • Long lumen maintenance
  • Instant replacement for less eco friendly products
  • 20% more efficient than quartz metal halide
  • 4.5x more efficient than halogen