LED Mariner - Empty Body

Standard surface mounted / suspended waterproof fittings created for use with GE T8 LED tubes. Slim profile luminaire, supplied in single and twin lamp versions. IP65 rated, where effective protection against contamination from water or accidential damage are major considerations for the end-user. Neutral aesthetics render the product suitable for applications in both commercial and residential environments as well as industrial environments.


Product code Description Lamp cap
221721 93052188 LED MARINER Body T8 SINGLE 1200MM G13
222801 93055987 LED MARINER BODY T8 SINGLE 4FT/1200MM DS G13
221784 93052190 LED MARINER Body T8 SINGLE 1500MM G13 Rot
222831 93055989 LED MARINER BODY T8 SINGLE 5FT/1500MM DS G13 Rot
221769 93052189 LED MARINER Body T8 TWIN 1200MM G13
222816 93055988 LED MARINER BODY T8 TWIN 4FT/1200MM DS G13
221806 93052191 LED MARINER Body T8 TWIN 1500MM G13 Rot
222846 93055990 LED MARINER BODY T8 TWIN 5FT/1500MM DS G13 Rot
  • Prewired for easy installation of AC T8 LED lamps
  • Luminous flux and light colour adjustable based on selected lamps
  • Easy installation

Structures and materials
  • Body: impact-resistant, self-extinguishing polycarbonate cover
  • Colour: grey
  • Sealing material between the shell and coverin PU (polyurethane), which offers the lamp excellent waterproof ability
  • Waterproof wiring connector in plastic partsand rubber gasket, which on one side of the fitting
  • Convenient assembling bracket for ceilingmount, or suspended by chains
  • Reflector in white painted steel, connectedto the shell by two anti-loss plastic devices,
  • Small shape and lightweigh

  • Luminaire is supplied without lamp.
  • Use only with T8 LED tubes on MAINS voltage

Diffuser: robust, transparent, self-extinguishing polycarbonate. Prismatic on the inside. Smooth external surface for easy cleaning.

Replace light source by removing diffuser