Premium Sensor Mariner

The new premium mariner fixtures form Tungsram are featuring passive infrared sensors. On top of the significant cost saving thanks to LED technology, the sensors help to reduce further the energy costs by switching on the lamps only when they needed to be on. The products are ideal for warehouses, factories and garages. Beyond the 4 lighting scenarios prepared in the fixtures, the users have the freedom to adjust any of the working parameters, for example the detection range, the waiting time and the delay time, the stand-by dimming level and the light sensor input value.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Lumen [lm] Downloads
367299 93118426 TUNG Mariner PR G1 5 50W 840 S PIR 50 7000
367310 93118427 TUNG Mariner PR G1 5 50W 865 S PIR 50 6700
367332 93118429 TUNG Mariner PR G1 5 63W 865 S PIR 63 8500
367321 93118428 TUNG Mariner PR G1 5 63W 840 S PIR 63 8800