WL and WM are wall mounted luminaires designed for lighting building perimeters, patios, lobbies, corridors, loading bays, garages, pedestrian and vehicle underpasses, porches and arcades.

  • HPS and Metal Halide lamps up to 250W
  • Asymmetric light distribution
  • Full IP55, optical assembly and gear compartment

Structures and materials
WL-175 and WM-175: the housing is die-cast aluminum in two pieces (housing and door).
WL-250 BR: the housing comprises three pieces (base, front housing and cover) in die-cast aluminum.
WM-175 and WL-250 BR: the pieces are a dark bronze color, electrostatically sprayed with a polyester powder paint finish, following anti-corrosion priming, and oven-cured at 180ºC.
WL175: with polycarbonate front lens; Acrylic (A) optional.
Standard color: dark bronze.

Electrical and gear compartment
Electrical unit incorporated in the base of the luminaire. With a protection degree IP55 for:
  • HPS and Metal Halide (MH) lamps up to 150W (WL-175 &WM-175). It is recommended to use diffuse lamps in the WL-175 luminaire. Please contact us for using any other lamp type.
  • HPS and MH lamps up to 250W (WL-250 BR).
  • Insulation class I.

Optical assembly sealed providing IP55, comprising:
Refractor: prismatic polycarbonate.
Gasket: EPDM gaskets between lens and housing, in case of WL-175.
Glass: flat tempered glass lens sealed with silicone to the cover in the WL-250 BR. Prismatic borosilicate glass with a silicone gasket in the WM-175.
Reflector: aluminum.

Frontal access to lamp and control gear.

Direct wall mounting.