Brisa is a reliable HID luminaire offering robust design, easy maintenance and a high–efficiency photometric reflector. This is a versatile, all-round decorative solution for efficient lighting of motorways, ring roads, streets, residential areas, industrial areas, footpaths and cycle-ways.

  • Suitable for horizontal mounting through Ø40-60mm diameter pole
  • Optical assembly hermetically sealed providing IP66
  • HPS and MH up to 400W

Structures and materials
Housing: in two pieces (housing and door) both in die-cast aluminum with a polyester powder paint finish and oven cured (RAL9006).
Support base: suitable for horizontal mounting through Ø40-60mm diameter.
Latch: included into the lower housing allowing easy luminaire access.
Screws: stainless steel.
Standard color: RAL 9006.

Electrical and gear compartment
Placed into the lower housing and isolated from the environment with a protection degree IP44, comprising:
Ballast support tray: manufactured in galvanized sheet, easily removable. Ballast, ignitor and capacitor are mounted on the tray.
The gear tray supports: HPS and Metal Halide (MH) ballasts up to 400W and MH up to 250W

Optical assembly hermetically sealed providing IP66, comprising:
Glass: curve tempered glass sealed to the reflector through silicone.
Lampholder: E40 ceramic lampholder. Multi-position support allowing lamp adjustment in longitudinal and vertical directions for optimal light distribution.
Reflector: high purity aluminum reflector in one-piece, finish achieved through an anodizing process.
Reflector neck: high-temperature resistant gasket ensuring excellent ingress protection.

Tool-less access to the optic block by opening the latch placed into the lower housing.
Latches: lamp accessed by removing the lamp holder manually, releasing the two latches that support the lamp holder from the neck of the reflector.

Accessories / options
Die-cast aluminum tilting mounting device, side entry and post top mounting is Ø60mm, tilt in5º steps horizontally and vertically.
  • Bi-level magnetic ballast
  • Class II with magnetic ballast