Navona is a LED solution to replace traditional fixtures in parks, pedestrian areas, city centers. Timeless design incorporates the aesthetic necessities with the optimal optical distribution, providing several lumen packages with symmetrical and asymmetrical distribution and a power range from 16W to 72W to meet a wide range of lighting scenarios.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Lumen [lm] CCT [K] Downloads
214306 93021923 NA/2/AWC/16/40/D/ST/C1/N/1/60 16 1580 4000
214222 93020889 NA/2/SWC/31/40/D/ST/C1/N/2/60 31 3210 4000
214258 93036001 NA/2/SWC/31/40/A/ST/C1/N/2/60 31 3210 4000
214270 93032130 NA/2/AFC/31/30/D/ST/C1/N/1/76 31 2460 3000
214282 93020887 NA/2/SWC/31/30/D/ST/C1/N/2/60 31 3080 3000
214318 93030839 NA/2/AFC/31/40/D/ST/C1/N/1/60 31 2570 4000
214234 93020888 NA/2/SFC/38/40/RE/SP/C1/N/2/60 39 2840 4000
214200 93021571 NA/2/SWD/71/40/D/ST/C1/N/2/60 71 6000 4000
214246 93030162 NA/2/AWD/71/40/D/ST/C2/N/1/60 71 6020 4000
214294 93020890 NA/2/ANC/71/40/D/ST/C1/N/1/60 71 6800 4000
Navona offers a major increase in both vertical and horizontal uniformity. Combined with the high chromatic reproduction contributed by LED technology (white light), this uniform quality facilitates face recognition and visual comfort. Its advanced optical design enables the light to be directed specifically where it is needed.

Application areas
  • Parks
  • Pedestrian areas
  • City centres (road classifications: from S2 to S6)

Driver features
Electronic, programmable & dimmable (DALI)
Controllable driver with power reduction and astronomical clock availability
Controls system inputs: DALI, StepDIM, astronomical clock and time dimming.

Structures and materials
Housing material: in three pieces (upper-housing, lowerhousing and arm with coupler), all made from die-cast aluminium with a polyester powder paint finish and oven cured.
Optical cover: Flat tempered glass (IK 08)
Colour: RAL9007
All materials used in this product are WEEE and ROHS compatible.

Rated luminous flux range: from 930 to 6140 lm
Rated luminaire efficacy:
  • Up to 83 lm/W at 3000K (warm light)
  • Up to 93 lm/W at 4000K (neutral light)
>Rated median useful life and the associated rated LM factor L90 (10K)*: >63. 800 hours
Rated abrupt failure value*: 13,2 %
Lumen maintenance code*: 9
Rated ambient temperature (tq) related to performance for a luminaire*: 25°C
  • Definitions and tolerances according to IEC62722-2-1:2014

Installation and maintenance
Mounting options: 1- and 2-arm through 42-48, 60, 76 mm standard post top mounting. Side mounting through 60 mm diameter pole.
Weight: 10.5-11.2 kg
Recommended mounting height: 4-6 m
Only one hand-tool required for maintaining the fixture.
Ambient temperature from -30ºC to +50ºC.
Storage temperature up to 85ºC.

Available photometric distributions: Wide, narrow and forward distributions with symmetrical and asymmetrical reflectors.
Rated colour rendering index: 70
Rated correlated colour temperatures: 3000K, 4000K
S/P rating: 1.33 at 3000K and 1.56 at 4000K

Input voltage and frequency: 230-240V, 50/60 Hz
Class I: standard
Class II: on request
Surge protection: 4kV
Input power (rated): 16W to 72W
ULOR: 0 (without arm)
Power factor: ≥0,9 at 230V 50Hz

Standards and regulations
CE, ENEC, Directive 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2009/125/EC, 1194/2012/EU, 2011/65/EC, EN 60598, EN 62471, EN 55015, EN 61000, EN 62493, EN 61547.

Other options available
Additional surge protection available 6KV/6KA. Precabling, daylight sensor. Extended ambient temperature -40°C - +50°C is available. Other RAL colours available on request.