Stela is a decorative luminaire that combines distinctive design with strength and reliability. High quality features including optimum photometric performance, minimized light emission towards the upper hemisphere and IP66 protection make it suitable for roadways, ring roads and streets.

  • HPS ballast and Metal Halide from 150W to 400W
  • Tool-less entry by opening the latch placed into the lower housing
  • Tilting mounting device, side entry and post top mounting is Ø60mm

Structures and materials
Housing: in two pieces (housing and door), both in die-cast aluminum with a polyester powder paint finish and oven cured (RAL9007).
Support base: suitable for horizontal mounting through Ø60mm diameter pole.
Latch feature: included in the lower housing, allowing an easy opening of the luminaire.
Screws: stainless steel.
Standard color: RAL 9007.

Electrical and gear compartment
Placed into the lower housing and isolated from the environment with a protection degree IP43, comprising:
Gear support tray: manufactured in galvanized steel and easily removed. Ballast, ignitor and capacitor are mounted on this board.
The gear tray supports: HPS ballast and Metal Halidefrom 150W to 400W.
Electrical disconnection: from the lamp utilizes a multi-polar switch.

Optical assembly hermetically sealed providing IP66, comprising:
Glass: curve tempered glass sealed to the reflector through silicone. The lens is mechanical and thermal shock resistant.
Lampholder: E40 ceramic lampholder. Multi-position support allowing lamp adjusting in longitudinal direction for optimal light distribution.
Reflector: high purity aluminum reflector in one-piece, finish achieved through anodizing process.
Reflector neck: aluminum. The lamp holder is mounted into the reflector neck through a silicone gasket ensuring an excellent ingress protection.

Tool-less access to the optic block by opening the latch placed into the lower housing.
Easy and quick lamp maintenance by manually removing the lamp holder support from the front of the luminaire.
A two-latch mechanism releases the lamp holder from the neck of the reflector.

Accessories / options
Die-cast aluminum tilting mounting device, side entry and post top mounting is Ø60mm.