The Odyssey luminaire is a high performance road lighting fitting optimized for Streetwise™ lamps. Odyssey operates with CMH and HPS lamps of up to 150W and its high-efficiency photometric reflector makes it ideal for installations with demanding lighting level requirements. Maintenance is simple, with tool-less access to the optical compartment allowing quick and easy lamp replacement.

  • Adjustable: ±15º horizontal and +15º vertical mounting
  • Tool-less entry, clip in gear tray
  • IP66 for the optics and electrical compartment
  • Optimized for CMH StreetWise™ and HPS lamps

Structures and materials
Housing: in two pieces (housing and door), both in die-cast aluminum with a polyester powder paint finish and oven cured.
Support base: adjustable. ±15º horizontal and +15º vertical mounting through Ø48-60 mm pole, with optional accessory for Ø34-42 mm pole.
One unique latch included in the lower housing allowing an easy luminaire opening.
Screws: stainless steel.
Standard color: silver grey. Other RAL colors available on request.

Electrical and gear compartment
Ballast gear tray: made from high temperature resistant polyamide for magnetic ballasts and aluminum for electronic ballasts.
Electrical connection: when the fixture is opened the supply is automatically disconnected, via a connector mounted in the upper and lower housings.

Glass: curved or flat tempered, sealed to the reflector through silicone seal.
Lampholder: ceramic E27 or E40. Multi-position support allowing lamp adjustment for optimal light distribution.
Reflector: high purity aluminum in one piece, finish achieved through anodizing process.
Two options:
  • optimized for HPS lamps
  • optimized for CMH StreetWise™ lamps

Optical assembly: silicone sealed with gasket in reflector neck and sealed to the housing. A breather is included to make sure IP rating is maintained over different environmental conditions.

  • Automatic electrical disconnection when opening the luminaire
  • Tool-less access to the optic compartment by opening the latch
  • Easy and quick lamp replacement by manually removing the lamp holder support from the front of the luminaire
  • A “twist and lock” mechanism releases the lamp holder from the reflector neck

  • Electronic ballasts version up to 150W with optional timed power reduction device
  • Electronic ballast version up to 150W
  • Magnetic ballasts available with: bi-level, controlled via switched contacts, bi-level with clock, bi-level with astronomic clock
  • Available with NEMA socket

Available options:
  • RC – Bi power system
  • C2 – Class II,
  • EB – Electronic ballast for Odyssey