Built-in housing for the starter and remote assembly for the rest of the control gear. Different optics available with internal glare control louvres.Luminaire, ballast and lamp are supplied and tested by GE, ensuring the best possible product quality.

Application: lighting Sports lighting and extensive areas such as stadiums, recreational areas, airport aprons, racecourses, open-air car parks, etc. High-roofed large premises such as sports and exhibition halls.

Structures and materials
Housing, rear door, and glass lens holder: in die-cast aluminium with a RAL 7035 grey polyester powder paint finish, following anti-corrosion priming, oven cured at 180ºC.
Door: in the rear of the housing offering access to the lamp with electrical disconnection on opening. External screws: in stainless steel.

Electrical and gear compartment
Ballast support board: box for housing the standard ignitor and terminal block, manufactured in fibreglass reinforced polyamide, is attached to the rear of the floodlight and has PC13.5 cable glands. The reactor and capacitors as necessary, or the instant hot restrike system are remotely mounted.
Auxiliary control gear: can be supplied mounted in a water proof box, or on a tray separate for mounting in a cabinet.
Gear tray: suitable for 1000 and 2000W double-ended Metal Halide (MH) lamps, as well as for 1000W HPS and MH lamps with E40 cap.

Enclosed optical assembly sealed providing IP55, comprising:
Glass: front tempered glass lens in a cast aluminium frame, with a silicone gasket between the frame and the housing.
Reflector: 6 aluminium reflectors with different photometric distributions, giving a rectangular beam in lamps with E40 holder and an oval beam in double-ended lamps.
Louvre: internal aluminium louvre in the reflectors for glare control and reduction of sky-glow.

Lamp replacement without disturbing the floodlight’s aiming position.

Mounting via a steel bracket, painted the same as the housing, with aiming degree indicator.
The standard version of this floodlight should not be installed at more than 140º from the vertical. For greater inclinations please contact us.

There are two hot re-strike systems:
  • HR: the igniter is included in the gear box, which allows a maximum distance between the EF-2000 flood and the gear box of 5-6 meters
  • HRR: The igniter is included in the EF-2000 flood. There is no limit in the distance between the flood and the gear box.
To facilitate an easier lamp relighting it is recommended to use the Nikrome ignitor wire for double-ended lamps.