PW is a sports flood light with multiple circular beam optics available, from very narrow to very wide. This breadth of choice enables optimized illumination designs with minimal light dispersion.

  • Compact design
  • Ballast and lamp holder fixture in single die cast aluminum housing
  • HPS tubular lamps up to 1000W, Metal Halide up to 1000W

Structures and materials
Housing: compact design, with ballast and lamp holder fixture in one single die-cast aluminum housing, electrostatically sprayed with a RAL 7035 grey polyester powder paint finish, following anti-corrosion priming, oven-cured at 180ºC.

Electrical and gear compartment
Ballast support board: 230V integrated ballast in high power factor. IP54. Optional remote ballast fitting.
Control gear: is accessible from the front of the floodlight by removing the housing’s aluminum cover.
Gear tray: PW allows HPS and Metal Halide tubular lampsup to 1000W.
Insulation: Class I.

Optical assembly: degree of protection IP55, comprising:
Filtered optical system, comprising a circular aluminum reflector, with five different designs for distinct beam cut-offs.
Glass: flat tempered glass lens, attached to the reflector a hinged metallic rim with stainless steel latches, for tool-less access.
Gasket: silicone gasket between glass lens and reflector and between the reflector and the lamp holder fixture.

Tool-less access to the lamp, from the front of the floodlight.

Aiming via folding sight, built into the ballast compartment.Mounting by way of heavy gauge steel bracket with aiming degree indicator and locking plate system for securing the tilt angle

Accessories / Options
  • The floodlight can be supplied with a longer bracket for pendant mounting.
  • The floodlight may incorporate a fuse. FUS option.
  • The floodlight can incorporate an outer housing for the reflector, manufactured in heavy-duty spun aluminum.HD option.