Tunnel T5

Tunnel T5 is a compact waterproof ceiling luminaire for 49W and 80W T5 fluorescent lamps (1.449m long). It operates on electronic ballast, provides a dimmable solution and can be used for Dali protocol.

  • Surface mounting
  • Full IP65 HARTING, IP66 cable gland, optical assembly and gear compartment
  • Three symmetrical/two asymmetrical photometric distributions

Structures and materials
Luminaire consists of: housing and L-3441 anodized aluminum extrusions (compliant with ASTM standard) guaranteeing high mechanical resistance.
Side covers: die-cast aluminum.
Coated: with electrostatically deposited polyester paint powder.
Covers: before the paint is applied, the covers are given anticorrosive treatment and polymerized in a furnace at 180ºC in RAL color 7035. 5mm thick tempered glass.
Gasket: the joint between the door and the housing is made with a silicone gasket to guarantee the required water tightness rating (IP66).

Electrical and gear compartment
Ballast: high frequency electronic ballast. These ballasts make it possible to increase the luminous flux of the fluorescent lamp by as much as 10%.
Ballast support board: an option is offered where the luminaires are equipped with dimmable DALI electronic ballasts that can be linked with remote management systems. The electronic equipment is mounted inside the luminaire housing, a position that eases its replacement without need of tools.
Protection degree: water tightness rating of IP66.
Cable gland: PG-13.5.
Insulation: Class I.

Reflector: aluminum reflector (99.85% minimum purity, type A8 aluminum) independent from the housing.
Photometric distributions: three symmetrical and two asymmetrical, to fit any application needs.

The luminaire is equipped with a closing mechanism that utilizes a continuous hinge. By acting on both hinges, the tempered glass closing mechanism turns over the covers and hangs from them, enabling the luminaire to be opened without tools. The lamp and electrical equipment can be changed without tools.

Adjustable: the luminaire can be secured to the wall or ceiling by means of a coupling that allows the luminaire to be tilted to ensure suitable light distribution.
Mounting system: allows the luminaire to be easily freed without removing the mounting hardware.
Screws, nuts and bolts: stainless steel.

  • Wall and ceiling coupler available
  • Tilt coupling designed for vertical mounting with angle adjustment range of +/-60º
  • Fast connector (HARTING type) for easy connection and disconnection of the luminaire without needing to open it
  • Electronic equipment controllable through DALI protocol